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Find Your Zen At The Foxes Den

Are you experiencing any of the following:


Chronic stress

Crippling anxiety

Dark depression


Inability to relax

Past events keep haunting you

Self limiting beliefs



Physical ailment


Would you rather:

Wake up each morning with a sense of peace, calmness and a positive drive…

Have more control over your thoughts…

Experience more positive, uplifting and happy thoughts…

Make peace with your past and focus on creating a future that is brighter, healthier, more fun and worth living…

Learn new ways to aid your healing journey with holistic remedies that you can take with you everywhere for the rest of your life…

Deepen your spiritual practice and evolve into the highest versions of yourself…

Take your spiritual gifts to the next level…


Discovery Call



My Name is Alexander J Fox

I am from Cleveland, Ohio. I've been on a journey of personal growth, transformation, knowledge, wisdom, self love and more goodness to make my life the best it can possibly be, for a number of years. Through training, metaphysical healings, miracles, reading books, traveling around the world and interpersonal connections, and other amazing exercises and modalities!


I've learned to assist, teach, and aid people in seeking spiritual, emotional, and mental connection. Also aiding in illnesses, diseases, energy blocks, anxiety, stress, seeking the next chapter in your life and countless other things that spreads across 6 continents, 15 countries, 33 US states and it added up to assisting over a thousand people in 4 years! Range of age from infants to 80 year young people!


It is my mission to get people to live their best and highest timelines. Everyone deserves to be, feel, and feel happy, healthy, abundant, confident, and at peace in their lives. 

“This man is an absolute magician at what he does. The changes that have come into my life since working with him are amazing. I’ve attracted a partner, my business is growing, and the people and experiences that are coming into my life are magical. He has such a calming safe energy. He knows what you need and is able to call in healing energy to take you to the next level. His hands-on touch is incredible, it allows you to go deeper into the experience. I highly recommend Alex to anyone looking to go deeper in their spiritual practice and bring abundance into their lives."

Luke Lewis, TX

Machu Pichu


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