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Becoming A Reiki Master

Unlock your innate healing abilities by becoming a Reiki Master. This intensive training empowers you to channel life-force energy, facilitate profound healings, and awaken elevated consciousness for life-changing transformation for yourself, your family, friends and others

all over the world!

Reiki Level I

  • Learn how to give a complete intuitive Reiki treatment to yourself

  • History and Philosophy of Reiki

  • Learn how to activate your own energy

  • Learn how to channel energy 

  • Foundational hand positions on the body and in the aura

  • Learn how to heal from the past

  • Meditations to connect you with life-force energy

  • Receive a Reiki level I attunement (energy activation session 20 mins)

Reiki Level II 

  • Energetic boundaries and ethics

  • Learn about the Chakras

  • Additional methods for improved stress release and relaxation

  • Aura Clearing Techniques/ How to see Your Auras

  • Understanding the process of healing

  • Advanced techniques for using Reiki to solve problems and
    achieve goals

  • Receive a Level 2 Reiki Attunement (energy activation session 20 mins)

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Reiki Master Class

  • Learn how to use the Reiki Master symbol, which increases the effectiveness of your Reiki and assists with healing

  • Reiki meditation to strengthen your mind and expand

  • Learn how to work on others with hand placements and hovering movements

  • Learn distance and emotional healing techniques

  • Guidance in offering professional Reiki services

  • Learn how to bring people in with a sample of Reiki

  • Receive the Master Attunement (energy activation session 20 mins) to increase the strength of your Reiki energy

Create A Reiki Business

(this is a separate course)

  • Learn how to put yourself out there confidently 

  • Get people interested in it

  • How to charge and what to charge

  • Ways you can give back & receive

  • Start an LLC

  • Learn how to run classes and events

  • Learn tips and tricks to get your foot in the door 

  • Trusting in your spirit guides, angels, manifesting

  • And MORE!

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